Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Save water, drink beer.

My old cross country coach always used to say, if it takes more than two beers to get drunk the night after the race, you didn't run hard enough. Apparently, he was on to something.

Having a beer after exercise could do you more good than drinking water, a new study suggests.

I'm not going to quote the rest of the article because it's really poorly written and I want to continue thinking that beer is good for me.


StB said...

That is the kind of research I don't mind my tax dollars going towards.

Anonymous said...

I like knights too!

Drinking after working out often produces what I would call a not altogether unpleasant heavily tingling or burning sensation in my muscles, most pronounced in the quadracepts. Perhaps that is the alcohol-rich blood burning off all the free radicals.

Danny from Milwaukee said...

I'm surprised that study wasn't free. Who wouldn't volunteer?