Friday, July 6, 2007

In the [local] News...

The Brewers just dropped three games to the Bucs from Pittsburgh. What was the cause of this slide? Problems in the clubhouse? Is PNC Park cursed? Did the pirates just get hot? Or maybe the Crew was kept up all night by the most fucked up convention I've ever heard of taking place in their hotel:

Much of the conversation in the Brewers' clubhouse centered on the other guests at the team hotel. There was an Anthrocon convention in town, drawing people interested in anthropomorphics, described as "humanlike animal characters." Members of the organization also are known as "furries," because they wear outfits designed to make them look part animal, particularly cartoon animals. Apparently, the convention attendees really get into the transformation. "I didn't get a lot of sleep," J.J. Hardy said. "There were people in the room next to mine barking all night."

Whaaaaaaatttttttt?!?!?!? Furries?!?! Barking all night?!?! What the hell is that?

Okay, so I looked this crap up on Wikipedia and it turns out that "Anthrocon" is the largest "furry convention" in the world and is held annually in Pitt. Like 2500 people go to this thing, dress up in mascot costumes, have a dance, watch a puppet show... you know, normal stuff like that. And according to JJ Hardy, after that they go back to their rooms and... bark like dogs.

Here is a picture of the "fursuit dance" from Wikipedia:

Who are these people?

Sadly, and in the wake of Joey Chestnut's 4th of July defeat of Tekaru Kobayashi, Johnsonville has stated that they would no longer be sponsoring the Bratwurst eating world championships. Last year, Kobayashi crushed the world record by eating 58 Brats in 10 minutes. The competitive eating world would be clamoring for this event so soon after Chestnut's win in hot dogs on the forth. The Brat rematch would have been one for the ages. This is a big loss for Sheboygan, WI and the world.


It's the final weekend of Summerfest, the world's largest music festival. I'm planning on going tomorrow to catch Old 97s and Guster and prolly get a Sazz's sampler platter.


Anonymous said...

The main point of the dressing up in furry costumes is to have sex. Sometimes it is akin to "dry humping," although some people have custom suits which allow them to perform intercourse while still wearing the suit. I saw a special about it on MTV. On the show they followed around this dude who "came out" to his mom on TV. That poor, poor mother.

Danny from Milwaukee said...

That's the worst thing I ever heard. They should call these things dry-humping conventions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was searching something for costumes and your blog actually came up! I wanted to clear things up for you - it isn't about sex. Well, I'm sure for some people it is about sex, for some people everything is about sex! But I, and the people I know, just costume for the fun of it. It can be very rewarding to have people see you as just a cute fluffy critter and act goofy and have innocent fun, where when you're NOT wearing a costume people would look at you strange, not laugh and take a picture! It is similar to clowning. Those creep some people out too though, heh.