Wednesday, July 4, 2007

You callll this a storrrmm?!?!

Happy Independence Day all. Here in Brew City, the major fireworks display is called "The Big Bang." Or maybe that's the fireworks display for the start of Summerfest. Whatever. Anyway, it always takes place on July 3rd. A far as I can tell, the reason is that that way, everyone from the burbs can see downtown fireworks one night and then their local fireworks display the next. We Midwesterners love blowing stuff up, and two nights of explosions are better than one. [Have you ever noticed how many descriptive words that we associate with fireworks and explosions are also sex words? Like "bang" and "blow" and "roman candle"?].

We got to Juneau Park around 7:00 and despite the inclement weather, it was pretty crowded. Around 9:00 it started to downpour and we decided to hustle back to my apartment to wait it out. The news told us that show was still going to happen so we braved the weather and headed back out into the storm. There's a staircase right across the street from my apartment that leads down to the lakefront, so we set up shop there and had a pretty good view. It was a very good show. What made it especially cool was that God Thor decided to add some of his own fireworks:

[Foreground display provided by the Bartolotta family, background by Thor and his magic hammer Mjolnir]

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