Friday, July 20, 2007

Some sports stuff

I think the NBA is pretty much a joke. In fact, I'm baffled that anyone thinks it's "news" that an NBA ref was shaving points. I've only watched a hand full of NBA games, but I found it obvious in all of them that the NBA and the WWF (or is it WWE now?) have pretty much the same officiating policy--let the stars win. The only News here is that the ref in question was being paid by the mob to cheat. I thought the NBA paid them to do that.

That said, I do try to support my team, the Bucks, to some degree. I'm not an avid fan by any means, but I go to a few games a year. The recent Bucks news has centered around the fact that our recent first round draft pick from China, just like most of his American counterparts, is a prima donna asshole. The Bucks used their pick on a 7-footer named Yi Jianlain. Since then, Yi and his handlers have stated that Yi will not play for Milwaukee. He's requested to be traded and said if he isn't, that he would go back to China. His stated reasons have been conflicting, but one of them is that Milwaukee doesn't have a big Chinese population. He's a prima donna asshole AND a racist! Nice work Yi, nice work. So basically, we squandered our first round pick. Nice pick Bucks. Nice pick.

But this news is perhaps even more depressing for our front court. Andrew Bogut just did this to his head:

Are you kitten me? Seriously Andrew? Who the hell do you think you are, Tong Po?


Beckham's move to The States has been getting a lot of attention. What I've found odd is the level of condescension that most of the American sportscasters have treated Beckham and his sport with in their coverage. Bryan Gumbel thinks it's xenophobia. I'm not sure that's true, but it is asinine that the mediocre former athletes and douchebag columnists of ESPN think they're entitled to project any aura of superiority over Beckham or the sport of soccer. Whether we Yankees will admit it or not, soccer is a very difficult sport and its stars are outstanding athletes. And it's the most popular sport in the world. If you don't like the sport of soccer, the reason has more to do with the household you were brought up in than anything about the game itself. So if any douchebag sportscasters are reading this, here is my advice to you: If you don't like soccer or David Beckham, that's fine. But don't be such a dick about it.

I, for one, wish Becks well.


In other much-covered news, Barry Bonds comes to Milwaukee today, three homers shy of breaking Hank Aaron's career record. A few days ago it seemed unlikely he'd break it here, but after jacking two against the Cubs yesterday, it seems at least possible. I'll be at the game on Saturday, but to be honest, I don't really care one way or another if he breaks the record here. I have more important things to worry about. Like a pennant race.

You jerks have a good weekend.


Diarrhea of the Mouth said...
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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...
I know I will not be well liked after this comment but I'm a huge Minnesota fan (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves and the wilds) but I don't say that too loud living here in Milwaukee.

I'm not Chinese (South Korean and English) but what the fuck does it matter if you are a population of one when you are making millions? Really I won't give a shit and be loving life living in my big ass house and driving my fancy car. With the money he be making he could buy Chinese people and have them come and live in Milwaukee (ok maybe not but you get my point).

Fucking bastard, speaking for my people, we are taking away his cool asian card.

Danny from Milwaukee said...


The Vikings blow. But you're right about Yi.

Is there really a special card that can make your people cool?

PaulNoonan said...

While soccer is a difficult sport which is steeped in subtlety, and difficult to appreciate for the average fan, it also has the NBA/WWE problem in spades.

Also. the field is too large (wasted transition space), the current offsides rule is stupid (not all offsides rules are stupid, but soccer's is) and the penalty kick is an unduly harsh penalty which flies in the face of our American jurisprudential asperations.

But it's still a great game.

Also, the damn Cubs won again.

Danny from Milwaukee said...

These sportscasters I'm referring to aren't talking about MLS or Premier League. They're hostile to the sport itself. It would be totally possible to make a professional basketball league that isn't totally gay. Basketball is fine, the NBA blows. Soccer is fine too. But many of the professional leagues have the same problems the NBA has. The rest of your criticisms are just really really really stupid.

Also... fuckin Cubs (*head shaking*).

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

Of course there is a card! Don't your people have a cool card?

The Packers suck donkey balls!

Redhead said...

Yi is a douche, but let's be honest here - he said he didn't want to go to Milwaukee BEFORE the draft, and the Bucks still took him. I was a stupid move on their part.

Oh and your thoughts on commenters and soccer were right on, I couldn't agree more. It's an amazing sport that is insanely poplular around the world - the arrogance of some of these sports "experts" just pisses me off sometimes.

StB said...

I used to bag on soccer all the time. It was the sport kids would play when they couldn't hit a baseball or catch a football.

Now, I could care less. If you enjoy it, good for you. It just doesn't interest me. No need to be an asshat and rip on something someone else enjoys.

Danny from Milwaukee said...

So that's not just a clever name, huh?

Yi is a douche. The people that run the Bucks are douches too. I'm at the point where I work under the assumption that everyone affiliated with the NBA is a douche. Except Mark Cuban. That guy rules. Unless he buys the Cubs. Then he's a douche.

It's nice to know you've grown as a person. If only the analysts at ESPN could do the same.

Anonymous said...

Bogut is a dork. He was badmouthing Milwaukee on some gay Australian talk show the other day.

Bob Cousy said...

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