Thursday, June 28, 2007

Miller-time at Miller Park, great invention, signs

Is there anything sweeter than hitting a walk-off homer in a stadium that shares your surname? It's stories like this that make baseball great. The Brewers' backup catcher is an aging veteran and native son of LaCrosse, Wisconsin named Damian Miller. Damian's a solid ball-player. He's past his prime but he's a reliable back-up. The fans generally like Damian, but I'm guessing they don't sell out of Damian Miller jerseys at the pro-shop.

Every year, a sizable contingent of people from LaCrosse board several tour busses and travel to Milwaukee for a game on "LaCrosse Day." I'm not sure if it's the chamber of commerce that organizes it or some of the very many bars up there or what. Apparent, last year, Miller didn't start that game. Since we didn't have Johnny "Carne" Estrada last year, that means that Chad "shitty baseball player" Moeller started. That was a pretty big (though probably inadvertent) "fuck you" to Miller and the fans that came all the way down for the game. Apparently, this year Ned Yost got a few letters from fans from that area asking that he start Miller on "LaCrosse" day this year.

He was glad he did. On the one day of the year that one of the more prevalent jerseys in the stands was his, Damian Miller went 3-5 with 4 RBIs. The highlight though, was his walk-off 3-run home run in the 11th. Nice work Damian, nice work. That right there is the stuff dreams are made of.

[By the way, I love this team. How could anyone not love this team. Just look at these guys. They look like a bunch of kids on Christmas. Well, except Damian Miller. He looks like an old man on Christmas. Do other teams have this much fun? Do they laugh like this? Do they even like eachother like these guys seem to? Maybe I'm biased, but I've never really seen the Yankees acting like this after any win.]

[Also, look how tall Corey Hart is. And what is Geoff Jenkins doing?-- "c'mon ride that train..."]


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In Milwaukee, I guess necessity has led to the invention of this:

You know, for those times when you have a bratwurst in one hand and, like, your newborn child in the other. Seriously, if I see you wearing one of these, and you have things in your hands, I will take your beer away from you.


Okay, one more thing. I'm venturing into enemy territory this weekend to watch the Brewers play the Cubbies at Wrigley Field. I will certainly be clad from head to toe in Brewer gear, but I think I'm going to make a sign too. I have a few ideas ["Bong Hits for Jesus" maybe?] but I haven't decided for sure. So what do you, my two or three readers, think I should put on my sign that would get me on ESPN? Oh, and it would be nice, although not necessary, if it was something that wouldn't get me beat up.


Anonymous said...

How about "Kill! Maim! Pillage! Burn! Eat babies!" Would that make a good sign?

Anonymous said...

"Chicago Cubs Suck. Milwaukee Brewers are Better."

Danny from Milwaukee said...

Good ideas anonymous guy, but I went with "2007 - The Hunt for Ned's October."

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