Monday, June 18, 2007

Yo! That's some good pitchin

I just got back from the Brewers/Giants game. The Crew pulled out the win with the help of a solid sevenish innings from Yovani Gallardo in his major league debut. The 21-year-old was a little shaky in the first inning, but then he started kicking ass. He ended up giving up 4 hits for 3 runs. He also hit a double in his first at bat, complete with an RBI. N' bad for the first time out kid. N'bad at all. When Neddy pulled him in the 7th, we all got on our feet, and Yo deserved it. Prince and Corey Hart added a dinger each, and Coco added his 26th save (although it was a close one). All in all, it was a good game.

There were over 41,000 people in attendance tonight. That's fantastic for the Crew on a Monday game against a shit team. A lot of the reason was that it was little league night. In attendance there were like 14,000 kids in little league uniforms that resemble various major league uniforms. For the first three innings or so, I had no idea why there were all these little Cubs fans and Braves fans and Rockies fans running around at a Brewers/Giants game. Weird. It was like being at an all-star game that was shot with Professor Wayne Szalinski's shrink ray. Also, has anyone else noticed that kids are wearing their hair ridiculously long these days? (Did I just write that? God I'm old). Seriously, every kids had long ass 1970s hair. Where did they come up with that? They all look like that red haired kid on Different Strokes.

Okay, it's late and that's about all I have for you jerks tonight. But since I feel I owe you much more, I also have this clip for you (courtesy of [redacted]):

That clip right there is the stuff that dreams are made of.


Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO. That clip is outstanding.

Eddie said...

Well I'll be got-damned. That dog is riding a bike. Ho-Lee-Shit.

Dan said...

Yes friends, that dalmation is (1) riding a bike, and (2) awesome.