Tuesday, March 4, 2008

and the ol' gun-slinger road off into the Mississippi sunset on a John Deere lawn tractor...

I'm part of an entire generation of Wisconsin sports fan that has never really known a Green Bay Packers team that didn't have Brett Favre lined up over center. I vaguely remember the 1989 season in which Don Majkoski took us to a 10 and 6 record and led the NFL in passing yards. I think the two seasons after that featured Don splitting time with Blair Kiel and Anthony Dilweg and taking us to a 6 and 10 record and a 4 and 12 record. Then Number 4 took over. Since then, Favre has set almost every NFL passing record. He has also started in 275 consecutive games. As Paul at the Electric Commentary notes, he's the finest QB in Packer history, the toughest QB in NFL history, and a better QB than John fucking Elway. It won't be the same without him.

[ed. I looked up Favre on wikipedia and got a disambiguation page that listed several "Favres." Next to Brett he was identified as "forever and American football player." I checked the history of the page, and it seems one editor changed it to "former American football player" and another changed it to what I saw. It's less accurate, but more awesome.]

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