Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My MLB Season Prediction

AL East
1. Boston
2. NY
3. TB
4. Baltimore
5. Toronto

AL Central
1. Detroit
2. Cleveland
3. KC
4. Chicago
5. Minnesota

AL West
1. Anaheim
2. Oakland
3. Seatle
4. Texas

NL East
1. Mets
2. Philly
3. Florida
4. Washington
5. Atlanta

NL Central
1. Milwaukee
2. Chicago
3. Cinci
4. Houston
5. Cards
6. Bucs

NL West
1. LA
2. Arizona
3. Colorado
4. Padres
5. Giants

AL Wild Card: Yankees
NL Wild Card: Chicago

Detroit defeats NY.
Boston defeats Anaheim

Detroit defeats Boston

Milwaukee defeats LA
Mets defeat Chicago

Mets defeat Milwaukee

World Series:
Detroit defeats NYMets in 5

What do you think?


PaulNoonan said...

Sounds about right.

Danny from Milwaukee said...

I saw your prediction at the WSB. I can't believe you picked the Cubs to take the division. *shaking head* You should put your picks in the comments here so I can talk trash to you later.

PaulNoonan said...

No prob. These are "predictions" not "heartfelt expressions of love."

The Cubbies won it last year. If you look at their offseason it's hard not to conclude that they have improved. The Brewers have too, but that just keeps them a few games back.

It's close enough that statisitcal noise (i.e. luck) will probably be the determining factor. Besides, I have Milwaukee in the World series.

MLB Predicitons

I reserve the right to revise pre-opening day. But for now:

AL East

1. NY
2. Boston
3. TB
4. Toronto
5. Baltimore

AL Central

1. Detroit
2. Cleveland
3. KC
4. Chicago
5. Minnesota

AL West

1. Anaheim/LA/OC/CA/USA/Earth/MilkyWay/Universe
2. Oakland
3. Texas
4. Seattle

NL East

1. NYM
2. Phil
3. ATL
5. FL

NL Central

1. Chicago
2. Milwaukee
3. Cinci
4. Houston
5. Pitt
6. St. Louis

NL West

1. Arizona
2. LA
3. Colorado
4. SD
5. SF

AL Wild Card: Cleveland (No Boston in the playoffs)

NL Wild Card: Milwaukee


Cleveland defeats NY.
Detroit defeats Anaheim


Detroit defeats Cleveland


Milwaukee defeats NY
Arizona defeats Chicago


Milwaukee defeats Arizona

World Series

Detroit defeats Milwaukee